Mike Wooster exceeded our expectations and delivered an excellent product. His understanding of the technology and flexibility to tailor each project, made him an obvious choice for our business. We fully intend to continue a working relationship with Mike in the future.

Steve Sandstrom
Senior Associate, Leeb Architects

Ridiculously talented and fantastic to work with is the phrase that comes to mind when I think of Mike Wooster. Mike is able to understand complex project requirements and come back quickly with smart, easy-to-understand recommendations. Mike’s professionalism and ability to work with others has always stood out to me.

Rob Quigley
PR & Social Media Manager

Mike has been a fantastic resource for our company! I have personally worked with him on several projects and have the highest regard for both his design and front-end development skills. Consistently on-time and on-budget, I am confident that he will make a great addition to any team.

Mike Hemry
President, Media Beef

Mike has done an exceptional job on all the projects I’ve worked with him on – the quality of his work is outstanding. He was also very easy to work with, he’s quick to respond, open to feedback, and very patient!

Catharine Zeller
Marketing & Business Administration, Five Pines Dental

I worked with Mike for several years and he is an exceptional designer. His design work was creative and top-notch. He came up with innovative solutions to seemingly insurmountable design problems. Not to mention that he is very reliable and good-natured.

Pete Ficht
User Experience Designer, Writer, Musician

Wooster Web Design has helped us with our website on several occasions. They have been able to solve all of our problems and help make improvements as we’ve requested. Mike has always made time for us and addressed all of our concerns in a very friendly efficient manner. They are very fair and I trust them completely.

Matt Benson
Manager, Rayburts, Inc.
Interaction Designer and Front End Developer
Portland, Oregon
(503) 867-1942