Responsive YouTube Video Gallery with Scrolling Thumbnail Playlists

Easily add multiple YouTube playlists to create a responsive video gallery

Videos open in a full-screen HTML5 YouTube player

Price: $8

GoPro: Hello Winter!

GoPro: Animals

GoPro: Music

Stop video and close

Dynamically Loads Multiple YouTube Playlists

For each YouTube playlist that you want to include, simply specify a playlist ID, paste some code into your HTML page and you're done. Updates to playlists on YouTube will automatically be reflected on your page.

Fully Responsive

The MyList Video Gallery's slick horizontally scrolling playlists use responsive design (CSS media queries) to adapt to fit the screen size. The playlists will expand to fit the full width of whatever parent element you place them in. Videos automatically open in a full-screen YouTube player.

Mobile Friendly

The MyList Video Gallery has been heavily tested in major iOS and Android phones and tablets. It is touch-friendly and you can scroll the playlist with a swipe as well as tapping the left and right arrows.

Customizable Options

What's Included

When you purchase a license for $16 you will automatically be sent a link to download the MyList Video Gallery. Included in the download is the following:

Email support from the author is also included. View support details. View license details