In addition to redesigning the Janus Youth Programs website, I was asked to redesign their logo. I started with the logo redesign since it would influence so many aspects of the site design.

Preliminary Research and Discovery

Before diving into design concepts, we discussed at great length what Janus is, their role in the community, their program offerings, the people they serve and more. I also asked them to come up with a list of keywords that come to mind when they think of the organization and how they want it to be perceived. Finally, I directed them to some great logo inspiration galleries and asked them to pick logos that they like and explain why.

Some keywords and ideas that came out of the discovery phase were “tree of life”, “opening doors”, and “bridge to the future”. They also informed me of their tagline “Changing Lives, Building Futures”. They wanted to see purely typographic approaches as well as illustrative.

The Design Phase

Armed with all of this information I felt ready to start designing. To keep the focus on the general concepts, I always work in black and white during the early stages. We went through two preliminary rounds of design and a total of 12 different concepts before narrowing it down to the final two. The final two were refined and shown with different colors and fonts.

Ultimately, Janus wanted the focus to be on youth and really liked the simplicity of the abstract youth concept.